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Without getting entangle dissocial

 Espero offers you a wide range of courses on the software mentione in this article furthermore. We can create customize singletheme paths for companies too. Finally. Not to forget. The possibility of having reimbursements for the courses you intend to attend base on the different financing that is available . Get in touch with us and we will be able to guide you in choosing the most suitable courses for you. Dissocial inside the network. Without getting entangle dissocial inside the network. Without getting entangle dissocial what is it? Dissocial – inside the network without getting entangle is a webinar! A journey of meetings which can be use all together or by selecting the modules you prefer during which we talk about meia devices.

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 Social networks. The internet. And analyze risks and opportunities from a peagogical and technical point of view . The course is designe for teachers and families C Level Contact List parents and children who. More and more often. Find themselves dealing with digitalisation and the critical issues that it brings with it from fake news to uncontrolle access to lots of content. From cyberbullying to the infinite reproducibility of share content .The path  Alice di leva peagogist and doctoral student at the university of turin was create by involving professionals and entrepreneurs from the digital world .

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 So as to be able to offer a point of view that combines peagogy and tools technical and strategic that large companies implement on users be they adults or Banco Mail children. Teenagers. Teachers. Grandparents. … If you want to know more. Contact èspero. Or. He continues reading to learn more about the topics covere in the course. The people to whom it is aime. The ways in which it is delivere.  who is this webinar designe for? The webinar was designe to eucators.

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