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How to increase traffic to 17k visitors in 4 months

Our client is an italian manufacturer of exclusive armchairs. The concept for the production of chairs is based on a system of correction, support and rehabilitation of the spine. All furniture is made in a unique business style, so it is suitable for office use. The manufacturer itself evaluates its products according to four indicators: functionality, original design, competitive price and exclusive quality. Goals set by the customer the company approached us with the task of becoming closer to consumers. The owners wanted ordering orthopedic chairs to be an accessible and simple action that anyone could perform through the website, spending a minimum of time. The client contacted us at a time when his project was experiencing stagnation. The main task was to breathe life into the business, that is, to attract visitors and increase sales.

Goals set by the customer

Taking into account the wishes, we decided to act from scratch and divide the work into stages. The first is the development of an online resource for increase traffic accepting applications, the second is attracting conversion traffic to it. As a result, the results in just 4 months Phone Number List of integrated marketing were pleasantly surprising – we managed to increase the number of paid orders to 200 per month. These data confirmed that experience and professionalism made it possible to choose an effective strategy and correctly implement it. Our team strategy work on internal technical optimization the client’s old website did not implement full-fledged functions of an online store. And the forms were made in the same design. Which also repelled visitors and significantly reduced conversion. Together with the client, it was decided to create. A new resource in accordance with current seo and mobile adaptation trends.

Link profile optimization increase traffic

 At increasing the number of visitors and clients and increasing the authority of the resource. But in order to achieve the desired result, our specialists first audited the existing link profile to determine its quality. We used the data obtained during the analysis to develop a further Banco Mail step-by-step plan for external optimization and building up the link profile. Since it is important to eliminate the errors that were on the old site and do everything to prevent them from appearing again. This stage includes work on the formation of an expanded structure, preparation and implementation of recommendations regarding usability, optimization of page meta tags, setting up additional templates and redirects. 

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