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In June 2021, the functionality of the Google search engine was supplemented with new ranking factors and site loading speed indicators in Lighthouse . From now on , to ensure the promotion of the site in Google , you need to understand the appropriate metrics . Although new technologies will be added gradually, the Golden Web agency advises to familiarize yourself with the site’s loading processes, its perception by users and tools to measure the site’s loading speed.

Site optimization - how to measure its download data

The updated Lighthouse 6.0 algorithm is an automated tool for improving . Therefore, the quality of web Consumer Mobile Number Database pages and determining site speed. It is an integral part of the work of a number of Google services , in particular , PageSpeed ​​Insights. User-Centric Performance Metrics, or metrics focused on the user, should be understood . Therefore, as separate Lighthouse 6.0 metrics with the potential to become ranking factors in the near future. Their main difference is the focus of attention on the user’s perception of the site’s loading speed, and not on the loading of the web resource itself.

User Experience and Download Speed: Understanding the Difference

Until recently, the main metric of website loading was the load event . The moment when the page is completely loaded, including its main resources. Although this is a strong indicator, it does not provide the user with information about the nature of the download. Therefore,  the Golden Web agency will Banco Mail help you understand this by giving examples of two conditional sites . Both sites loaded at the same time, but site “A” will be perceived by the user to be faster. Therefore, since he could see the corresponding images and read the information already during the loading. And in the case of site “B”, the user had only to wait.

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