The stages of making

Closing restrictions are represent by the following steps Post all revenue account balances to the income summary account by debiting the revenue accounts and criting the income summary account with the total revenue amount. Transfer all balances of expense accounts to the income summary account by debiting the income n. You can also facilitate the program to facilitate inventory operations inside the stores with ease to know the goods in the stores.

The remaining quantities

Which show all the data resulting from the inventory process. Inventorying stores using barcodes and reconciling item quantities List all income Brazil Telegram Data and expenses for the year The Easy Store Accounts program enables you to prepare all revenues and expenses for the financial year through reports a effective as of January in a phas manner The second stage is known as the integration stage where the taxpayer’s electronic invoicing systems must be link with the Zakat Tehouse program.

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The income statement

Through the direct income statement report in the accounts list of reports The final budget for the activity through warehouse inventory inventory Algeria Phone Number List reports and company evaluation reports Profitability reports at each level item invoice customer One of the most important features that must be present in your accounting system are reports on the profitability of your activity and this is what the Easy Store account management program offers a distinguish set of profitability reports as shown in the pictures. Invoice profitability report Invoice profitability repor.

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