Invoice item profitability

Invoice item profitability report Representative profitability report Delegate profitability report General profitability report Overall profitability report Profits statistics report Profits statistics report Determine the percentage of profits for the working and non working partner whether by a specific percentage or a financial value If your activity is a company and there is more than one working or non working partner it is also important to record the accounts ratios withdrawals and profits of each partner according to their percentage and if the partner.

Working or non working

The Easy Store accounting program provides as it stores the data of the partners in the business. First store the partners’ data. You can enter Cambodia Telegram Data the partner’s name the participation value whether he is active or not and contact information with him including the phone number and address. Also to record the partners’ withdrawals and deposits you can use this list in which the client’s name and the withdrawal value are record.

Telegram Data

Or the deposit the name

Treasury and the date of this transaction in the partners’ accounts. Partners data Partner data Partners’ withdrawals and deposits Partners’ withdrawals Argentina Phone Number List and deposits Partner accounts Partner accounts Distribution of partners’ profits Distribution of partners’ profits arehouse management and the most important warehouse inventory reports May Shrouq Selim At the end of the fiscal year there are many accounting procures that are taken including inventory and closing the fiscal year.

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