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List all expenses for the fiscal

Year All revenues are limit to the fiscal year Knowing the lost and consum during the year One of the most important features within the Easy Store account management program is recording your mobile phone numbers periodically and viewing them through the mobile phone report which saves you time. Knowing the loss and consumer during the financial year Preparing the final budget and income statement and knowing the net profits.

Through the Easy Store

Management program you can do the three most important elements in closing the financial year The final budget for the activity through Belgium Telegram Data warehouse inventory inventory reports and company evaluation reports The income statement through the direct income statement report in the accounts list of reports Find out net profits through profitability reports within the program Find out net profits through profitability reports within the warAt the end of the accounting period and after preparing the financial statements we make closing entries for the following.

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To make the balances

Temporary accounts revenues expenses personal withdrawals equal to zero so that they are prepar to record financial transactions for a subsequent Albania Phone Number List accounting period. So that the capital account at the end of the period reflects all revenues expenses and personal withdrawals as these accounts must be clos in the capital account permanent account . A Due to the large number of revenue and expense accounts an intermiate account is us for the closing process call the “Income Summary Account” so that its balance of profit or loss is transferr to the capital account while the personal withdrawals account is clos directly in the capital account.

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