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Blogging Mistakes 10 Signs Your Blog Post Going Wrong

Fired up by a great content idea, you sit down ready to crank out that killer post. But as you get farther into blogging, your enthusiasm is replaced by a sense of dread. Clearly, you’re getting bogged down. You’re not sure what the problem is, but the piece is not coming together the way you thought it would. You put your head down and keep writing, but the dread intensifies faster than your resolve. You now realize that you’ve got a complete mess of a post on your hands. OK, let’s relax, take a deep breath and a step back. And run through this quick 10-part list to see what’s gone wrong. Or, better yet, keep this list of 10 blogging mistakes handy, so you’ll overcome writer’s block and stay on the right track from the get-go.

Do You Make These Blogging Mistakes

What’s the point? The worst thing a reader can be thinking after reaching the conclusion of your post is. What the heck was that all about?” Face it, you’ve felt that way after spending valuable time and attention slogging through a post with no point, and you weren’t happy. Make sure you know what you’re trying to say before you start (especially if you’re writing a list post). That’ll help you avoid common B2B Email List blogging mistakes and take the reader succinctly from Point A to Point B. 2. Who cares? The worst thing a reader can be thinking early into your post is. Why should I bother with this?” Your headline has to clearly state the benefit of reading (more on this in a bit). Your blog post introduction has to make the promised benefit. 

Rather Than Copywriter Content

Even more enticing, and the rest of your post had better deliver the goods if you’re hoping to have a happy reader. Bad chi In Chinese medicine, a harmonious chi flow throughout the body is the secret to health, and bad or disrupted flow results in illness. Likewise in writing, bad flow makes for bad narrative and confused readers. Think about the posts Banco Mail you love to read for a moment. A thorough proofreading and editing process has likely ensured that each paragraph flows into the next, naturally keeping you engaged with the topic. So, review your drafts to ensure that your sequence of ideas is both logical and compelling, and carries your reader from Point A to Point B on a slippery slope, sentence by sentence.

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