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Want Someone to Keep Reading Your Blog Post

That thought’s also common during online conferences or webinars. While a number of factors influence whether you’re paying attention or daydreaming. A common reason for the Bathroom-Snack-Train-of-Thought is that the speaker didn’t make their presentation audience-focused. They didn’t distance themselves from their topic and find ways to make an audience member’s experience a fascinating one. The words they chose to lead  with may have been relevant and informative. But they didn’t stir up the desire to keep listening. This scenario is directly related to your job as a content writer. How do you stir up the desire to keep reading? Content editors structure writing like a killer presentation.

How to Persuade Someone to Keep

And how you shape that presentation determines whether someone wants to learn from you — or from someone else. “Action” in our writing introductions can take a variety of forms. But it’s one of the main elements of engaging writing that keeps a reader glued to the screen. When Email List a reader has an “active” experience, rather than a “passive” experience, you stir up the desire to keep reading. Let’s look at three of these “Action Types” that help you avoid common content marketing mistakes. They place your reader front and center of the presentation that you’ve crafted for them. I’m the first to admit that “being outrageous for the sake of being outrageous” is tiring. Most importantly, it’s not a sustainable approach. You’ll either run out of “shocking” things to say or get a reputation as a cheap click-bait site.

Unusual Point of View

If you want to sell on a blog, you need to create a consistent experience that builds trust. Your readers need to feel confident that you’re the resource that will help them achieve their goals. So, the “unusual point of view” I’m referring to is one that takes advantage of your creativity and research skills. It’s not just a wild statement in your headline writing or first few sentences. It’s about being genuinely bold and demonstrating why it’s a smart Banco Mail idea to subscribe to your site. Your article may be very similar to others on the same topic. This simple fact often discourages writers from starting in the first place. Why bother writing if everything’s already been said.

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