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The Meticulous Writer’s 12-Step Blog Post Checklist

In addition to smart editing tips you might use to polish your draft. Here’s a blog post checklist you can review before you publish. It has 12 important steps professional writers consistently follow when they produce high-quality work. The goal is to ensure your audience engages with your content in the exact way you planned. Plus, you have enough on your mind as a writer. Getting in the habit of following this process makes your job easier. Sounds good, right? Here’s the system you can start using today. I always advise that setting your publish date and time. The first thing you should do when you select a “New Post” in WordPress or any other publishing platform. If you start writing or editing your content while “Publish: Immediately” remains as the status of your post.

A Blog Post Checklist Makes Your Job Easier

You run the risk of publishing your draft prematurely by accident when you save your work. You might be thinking: “Run the risk? That probably never happens. It sounds a little dramatic, Stefanie.” Everyone who’s made this blogging mistake because they didn’t listen to me when I gave this pointer knows I’m not being dramatic. It happens and it’s regrettable. Give your subheadings Job Function Email Database the Copy blogger Triple-Check as well. When you’ve already spent a lot of time blogging and editing your content. It’s easy to overlook mistakes in your subheads because you’re so familiar with what they’re supposed to say. Even if you’re a beginner blogger and the only person who writes for your site, don’t skip over this step on your blog post checklist.

Set Your Publish Date and Time

Are your by-lines personalized with your name and author bio? Include those details so new readers can find out more about you. If you manage a multi-author blog, make sure you’ve selected the correct author and that their bio is current. No one wants an email from a reader alerting them that a hyperlink in one of their posts Banco Mail doesn’t work or goes to the wrong website. After you’ve carefully selected your hyperlinks, review your post in the Preview screen and click on all of them one last time. They look innocent, but quotation marks can be frustrating little critters for web publishers. If a hyperlink isn’t working properly when you test it. The quotation marks in your html might not be plain text.

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