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Zap Your Reaction Criticism and Grow from Good Enough

Some might even say they “ask for it” by publicly displaying their thoughts, opinions, interests, and art. But I hold the position that anyone who stands by the “asking for it” belief fundamentally doesn’t understand why most people publish content. Content creators don’t share their experiences and knowledge because they think they know it all. Meaningful interactions require vulnerability, which content creators also infuse in their writing voice and online work. Quite frankly, I think it threatens those who feel unable to communicate their own truths. So, these critics split hairs, they give straw-man arguments, they look for weaknesses to exploit.

All of the Reasons Not to Start Writing

They attempt to strip us of our humanity. Because seeing someone else work on their passion reminds them how they neglect their own. I’m not saying everyone has to agree or shut up. But I do think there are productive and unproductive ways to express criticism — thoughtful versus careless comments. The latter involves a lack of awareness that C Level Executive List any content creator has a lot of other things going on in their life. You never know what just happened before they wrote that blog post. Recorded that podcast episode, or filmed that writing advice video. The choice The Critic makes about how to express their response also affects their own wellbeing. Yes, I’m now caring about The Critic’s wellbeing. I would challenge any person who has a strong, negative reaction to a piece of content to use that energy to produce their own content — to build their own platform.

Dialogue Is Stronger Than Dissatisfaction

Because if The Critic did that, they’d find themselves in the center of the same mix of observers, fans, and haters. And maybe they’d develop more empathy for those who create content regularly. Perhaps they’d begin to understand the judgment. Calls you have to make when content editing and the care for your presentation that goes on behind Banco Mail the scenes. Such as following a blog post checklist to make sure you got everything just right. Perhaps they’d realize that constructive criticism and curious questions have different tones than “gotcha” attacks and condescending probes. I’m focusing on the negative aspects of having a presence online because. I think they can deter people from starting in the first place.

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