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The GA4 interface is quite intuitive and makes it easy to get SEO statistics. After logging into the GA4 account, the user will be greeted with a home screen with basic metrics such on-youtube as sessions how much New users, pages sessions, and more. One of the key sections of GA4 is the Dashboard. In this section. Analysis of user behavioryou can create custom dashboards with specific metrics and measurements needed to analyze SEO performance.

How much Conversion tracking 

GA4 also has a Reports section that Europe Mobile Number List contains different types of reports, such as audience, user behavior, and conversion reports. In the Behavior section. You can find on-youtube useful reports such as Pages. Message Flow, and Event Flow to help you understand. How users interact with your site and its content. The GA4 interface also includes a Settings section. Where you can find various tools such as measurement settings, advanced features.

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Analysis of user behavior

One of the most useful reports for analyzing Belgium Phone Number user behavior on a site is the User Explorer report. It allows viewing the behavior of individual users on the site, their actions, time spent on the site and other indicators. With the help of this report, it is possible to identify problematic points on the site that may affect positions in search engines. The Enhanced. Measurement dashboard is also a useful SEO analysis tool. All these GA4 sections and tools make it easy to get SEO statistics and analyze.


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