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Why promotion on Instagram is so important for modern business

According to internal Instagram statistics, about 90% of all users follow commercial accounts, that is, brand profiles. Moreover, two-thirds of respondents confirm that it is much easier and more convenient to interact with them on social networks. And about 50% of users say that their attention is more attracted to those brands whose advertisements they saw on Instagram. Instagram has gathered a very diverse audience around itself: from handymen to multi-billionaires, from housewives to the most famous female politicians. This means that here you can work very subtly with targeted advertising, directing it specifically to your target audience.

Where to start promoting a business account

We already have an excellent article on our blog . How to make  Email Marketing List a business account on Instagram” In it, we talked in detail about all the features of business accounts, their functions and capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. We recommend that you read this article so that we do not repeat ourselves. Now let’s concentrate on the more “technical” part of promoting a business profile on Instagram. And let’s start with its creation! Registration and profile creation Before you figure out how to promote a page on Instagram, you need to register a regular user profile. This can be done in the application or through the web version. 

A few words about the types of Instagram profiles

So, let’s take a closer look at all three types  Banco Mail of Instagram profiles and talk about the possibilities of using each of them. “Personal account” A personal account is the basic one on Instagram – it is the one that is created during registration. Such an account is not suitable for effectively running a business for several reasons: Inconvenient communication. The owner of a regular page can only be contacted via Direct. You won’t be able to add a clickable phone number, email address, or WhatsApp Business number to the page. They can be written in the biography, but it will be just text, not interactive elements.

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