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The importance of the electronic

The patient’s mical file has many features which make every mical institution not abandon.  Its application The importance of the patient’s mical file Getting rid of paper records that have become a threat to health organizations due to multiple negatives such as slow movement difficulty retrieving information and frequent data loss. The electronic health record is the meeting point of all systems as the electronic mical file contains all mical results diagnoses and treatments perform on the patient and the mications that were given to him.

Provides opportunities for communication

Between individuals and health service delivery teams including doctors nurses technicians and administrators Electronic mical records Germany Telegram Data contain a lot of information that contributes to the development of scientific research and they also provide mical and administrative reports and statistics that serve the hospital’s activities. It helps improve the accuracy of data record in the health record.

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Helps improve the quality

Health care provid to the patient by providing the necessary information in a timely manner Increasing the efficiency of health services and saving Bahamas Phone Number List costs through rapid information exchange It provides legal protection. A document and complete mical record protects the hospital and the doctor from any complaint that may be rais without justification or argument and thus protects the patient from any negligence or negligence in the care provid to him.

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