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Mical records are the primary

Source of reports and statistics submitt to the hospital administration which show the volume and type of mical services provid to patients. The patient’s mical file is the official document approv by the hospital when reviewing all mical and nursing procures and services provid to the patient to ensure their suitability in terms of quality and quantity. Providing the patient’s electronic mical file within the hospital plays a major role in the hospital’s accritation.

Accritation which is the recognition

Specializ body that the hospital has met all the conditions standards and requirements set by the implementing mical body. Read also Greece Telegram Data Why do hospitals ne digital mical systems. The most important factors that must be available while choosing a hospital management program Components of the electronic patient file Linking the patient’s electronic file and integrating its content with other subsystems within hospitals and mical.

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Centers can provide health

Care professionals with many information such as all patient relat information in an integrat and consistent manner such as treatment mical Bahrain Phone Number List history test results x ray images . The patient’s file in the hospital contains Patient personal data Registration Form Patient’s name Arabic English Address and phone numbers date of birth Gender social status and nationality National ID E mail address Insurance companies The insurance company contract with it Name of the responsible party.

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