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Patient mical file using

Mi Master hospital management software Mi Master helps you manage many departments within the hospital such as Patient Affairs You can manage all patient affairs starting from their entry into the mical center until the end of their treatment including bills treatment reservations tests x rays re examination and all their expenses. Personnel Affairs It helps you manage employees register ductions bonuses salaries and allowances register insurances and add employee attachments.

Account management Through

You can manage hospital or mical center accounts such as recording expenses revenues depreciations sales and purchases. You can also create a tree of accounts add storage Japan Telegram Data banks cost centers receipt and disbursement notes in addition to movement reports trial balance and receipts. Report management You can know booking reports patient services report patient file revenue reports by doctor billing summary report patient data for companies analysis reports and patients.

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Other departments and sections

You can view them through this link Explanations of the sections of the Mi Master hospital management program I also recommend you read The comprehensive guide to Bulgaria Phone Number List successfully managing your mical center during How to make a successful marketing plan for your mical center step by step Features of the Mi Master hospital management program for the patient’s mical file Ease of communication between the work of different mical departments through the system so that the patient’s electronic mical file is the meeting point for these departments.

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