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Other services provid to the patient are rEmployer data. The patient’s relationship with the insur.  Approvals and authorization. For any course of treatment beyond routine procures it should include this information. Diagnosis and chances of recovery Course of treatment Benefits and risk. Probability of success Risks of not taking treatment Treatment history.

Mical history Complaints

Surgical history Treatment history Due dates for women. Physical examination and vital signs Radiology reports Recording the results of radiology tests Doctor’s orders and transfer Kuwait Telegram Data between clinics. The doctor orders the patient to perform certain tests and examinations or to continue taking a certain mication adhere to certain prescriptions and follow up on time. List of mications All mications whether prescrib or taken without a prescription including the dosage method of administration and schule.

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Patient confidentiality Every

Mical office has a responsibility to their patients to maintain the privacy and security of their personal information Establish policies to verify access permissions control Cambodia Phone Number List equipment and handle visitors Develop and provide documentation on how the mical office can help protect health information Create a unique user identification including passwords and PINs Patient mical file with Mi Master hospital management software Mi Master is an integrat web system that can be us on all devices.

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