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Chicken broth in innovative brik

Spain. The traditional Gallo Natural broths maintain their vision of the sustainability of their processes, which is why they launch their products with an innovative design that focuses on recyclable packaging made with 87% plant-bas. material. The design, by Wó Studio, is express . In the Chicken broth in innovative brik  category’s own codes, seeking to unite, add, synthesize the best of two worlds: and naturalness. A simple packaging that nods to honesty and styles that enhance the presence of the , closer to functionality. You’re probably interest . Delivery in Spain relies on packaging cover in Key elements of the design of this.

Key elements of the design of this

Packaging It stands out for its Kraft color that gives it traditionality and craftsmanship and combines with the rooster color. Perfect product combination: broth container + pasta container. Clear legibility of product proposition superiority messages Its tetra brik packaging is made with 87% material of plant origin and sugar  Job Function Email Database cane cap. Broth-Packaging with an innovative design that focuses on Chicken broth in innovative brik  recyclable packaging made with 87% plant-materialPhoto: Wó Studio This type of packaging is aseptic multi-laminate that allows food to be and transport without requiring a cold chain. Inside does not lose its nutritional properties.

Job Function Email Database

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It is made up of six layers: one of cardboard, four . Of polyethylene and one of aluminum, each of them fulfilling very specific functions. The cardboard gives shape, stability and rigidity to the container; aluminum protects the product from the . Environment, preventing the passage of light and Chicken broth in innovative brik  its success will  oxygen; and the polyethylene serv an adhesive and waterproofing layer, protecting the product from external humidity. These cardboard  . Brands that are . Constantly their consumers. The design possibilities, variety of models and . lamination they Banco Mail offer make them attractive for your products. Be sure to see. Ecodesign strategies for food and beverage packaging Guillermina Garcia Guillermina Garcia Specializ journalist with more than 13 years in media.

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