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Employees In such a situation it is difficult | BANCO Mail

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Employees In such a situation it is difficult

We recommend Marketing goals determine by the SMART method Customization is not the same as personalization Although the English dictionary uses the words customization and personalization synonymously, in fact the two terms refer to different things and should not be use interchangeably. Admittely, they have a common denominator – their intentions coincide. Both tactics are also use as sales support. However, there is a huge difference in how they are initiate. Let’s first explain what personalization is. Well, this action is focuse around the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadapting the user experience to his nees. It is the use of collecte data on users, research, etc.

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Public relations, various marketing tools are use to directly interest the ideal user. Personalization increases the “accuracy” of identifying a potential customer, and thus increases conversion rates. Community blog So what is customization? It is about what the consumer can do himself. It is the extent to which a customer can tailor a database product or service to their own preferences while in control of their own experience. By offering this option to customers, the company can increase their happiness and engagement. Ideally, it is able to efficiently mass-produce products that meet the nees of individual consumers.


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Offering them the opportunity to be unique. Some car brands have such a chance. The basic model can be customize with various features, such as adding a GPS to the equipment, choosing the paint color, wheel style, etc. All at the buyer’s BANCO Mail discretion. It is worth following consumer trends for this purpose . We recommend Marketing concepts yesterday and today Is this strategy for everyone? A common reason why many companies refrain from customizing products for an individual customer is the cost. There is no doubt that it is much cheaper to order a wholesale supply of a product in one color. No nee to engrave initials or guess how many lime green smartphone powerbanks will be purchase in the next quarter.

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