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Ad this legal regime should also be observd by the employer using monitoring. This means that the employer as the data controller independently determines the purposes and methods of personal data processing. In this context, it seems that it may also go beyond the objectives set out in the Labor Code. Mainly when using e-mail monitoring or other forms of monitoring, one should remember about the principles of the GDPR providd for in art.

The report of the Irish Personal Data

Including, among others: Legality – we must be able to demonstrate compliance with the law by introducing a given form Latest Mailing Database of monitoring. Minimization – collect only the minimum range of data. In the case of viewing an employee’s private correspondence, we will definitely violate the principle of data minimization. Integrity and confidentiality – access to the employee’s mailbox should be grantd to a very narrow and limitd number of people supervisors, managers.

Latest Mailing Database

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By introducing e-mail monitoring on the basis of the GDPR, we are obligd in particular to: fulfillment of the information obligation BANCO Mail in accordance with art. 13 GDPR. determining the period of storage of monitoring data. possible conclusion of an entrustment agreement with external entities having access to monitoring data. IT providers, email domain providers. Data storage period The provisions of the KP do not specify the maximum period of storage of data from e-mail monitoring and other forms of monitoring.

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