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Many non monetary items it is consider low quality Identifying liquidity problems in business activities because profits are not only financial liquidity and a company can fail due to a lack of cash even if it has profits. Cash movement in the Easy Store accounting program Through the Easy Store accounting program you can now record cash movement and follow its reports moment by moment through the following Add cabinets You can add all the storage through the.

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List of accounts. You can also record all the storage information such as treasury name treasurer treasury value Adding safes within the Lebanon Telegram Data accounts program Add a vault for a user You can also add a safe for each user or add a safe for specific users which helps you manage the cashier better Add a vault to each user Transfer from one treasury to another.

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Through the Easy Store accounting

Program you can easily transfer between stores through the transfer screen from one store to another in the list of accounts Transfer from one Cayman Islands Phone Number List safe to another The most important reports that serve the movement of cash within the Easy Store accounting program To accurately follow your work and benefit from the term cash movement comprehensive reports on cash movement must be available to achieve the desir goals. These reports include Treasury movement report You can obtain the report through two methods either crit and debit or receipts and payments.

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