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What is a Marketplace and Ecommerce Website Reveal

What is a marketplace ? This kind of question may be quite familiar, considering thecurrent progress of online trading which is supported by technological developments. Most of those who are unfamiliar with marketplaces don’t understand this in general. Knowing this reality, it is very important for you to know and understand the marketplace and the relevant things that are in line with it. Especially if you are a business actor who wants to sell products or services via the internet this is because it can influence users to visit in the future, and even share your website with other audiences. You need to know that a website can get a good image if it has implemented the principles of a user-friendly website.Then, for the latest status, there is 1 marketplace startup that is successfully climbing to the top of the competition! None other than Shopee .

Let’s get to know what a marketplace

By definition, a marketplace is media in the form of a site or application that applies the concept of ‘traditional markets’ and is practiced online . It can be said that the B2C Email List marketplace website is tasked with being an intermediary or third party. Mediate between who and whom? Of course, namely sellers and buyers. Apart from being an intermediary, the marketplace also provides selling stalls and super practical payment services! In the Republic of Indonesia itself, marketplace developments always show certain dynamics. The increase has occurred since 2015 . Then, the peak was in the 2019 to 2020 range. At the end of 2020 , quite a few marketplaces were successful in gaining a valuation of >$1 billion and caused many Indonesian ‘ unicorn ‘ startups to emerge. Then since 2021, there are 2 marketplace startups that are competing fiercely, namely Tokopedia and Shopee.

Let’s get to know what an ecommerce website

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After knowing what a marketplace is , it is important for you to know about ecommerce websites . By recognizing and understanding both. You as a user will not be mistaken when Banco Mail deciding which one is right for your business. Not much different from a marketplace , an ecommerce website is an online buying and selling medium that is available via the internet. This website also refers to the sale and purchase of products, whether in the form of goods or services . Again, similar to marketplaces , e-commerce websites allow the transfer of money and data to make transaction activities successful. However, the difference is, because there is no third party. Receipt of transaction funds can be directed directly to your business account. Regarding shipping, you can work directly with the expedition.

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