In fact we are not talking about a Content Management System – like WordPress – but a design-driven platform . my-website-doesn’t-appear-on-google-website-wix Easy Web Marketing SEO copywriter For the uninitiated, Wix is ​​a website building platform that is currently very popular and used by many small businesses and professionals/artisans to create their website. Easy to use = Easy results Many people think it is enough to create a website to give it visibility. It’s not that easy .  to your business, it is necessary to carry out specific activities.

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Wix is ​​a bit different platform than WordPress. work,  Wix has standard modules to work on optimizing and ranking your website. BUT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE the leeway you can afford with WordPress to get major SEO results and get your website ranked in Google. Thank Latest Mailing Database you for reading this article. Why is my website not appearing on Google? . Every time I write a blog post, I do it for all readers like you who are interested in receiving useful advice on digital marketing. But having a blog and maintaining it takes a lot of time, so the greatest satisfaction for me is receiving shares and critical comments (positive and negative.

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