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The Interests of Social Work for a Happier Life

We may think that we are only benefiting and serving others if we are socially productive.

However, being socially productive actually helps us get much-needed energy, which is social energy .

What is social power?
According to Scott H. Young , social energy comes when we spend time with others in a stimulating environment.

Think about the last time we were involved in a project involving

No matter how boring or interesting the project is, the Phone Number List energy we feel when we work as a team certainly keeps us moving and working.

I began to appreciate the importance of social energy when I often worked alone.

I started to feel my productivity drop when I behaved like an introvert and tried to do everything myself.

To get out of that situation, I need a phone call or a friend, or meet the students’ parents, and immediately I will feel energized and happy with the work done.

I am an introvert .

Yet I believe that social energy is needed by both introverts and extroverts (although introverts may need less).

In Fact, an Introvert Needs to Be More Proactive and Seek Social Energy Because. They Are Less Sensitive About Their Need for This Energy.

Social Energy Helps Increase Our Productivity. By Providing a Stimulating Environment. For Us to Discuss Ideas, Work and Challenges. With People We Get Along With.

However, if We Do Not Manage Social Energy Well, We May Be Stuck in a Rigid Environment. (No Motivation) With People Who Distract Us From Productive Work.

How To Get Social Worker?

We might think that the way to get more social energy is just to mix with society

Phone Number List

On one level, yes, that’s true.

But we need to build the right social structure in life so BANCO Mail that we always get positive social energy instead of negative

Here’s how to do it:

1. Recognize our social energy needs.
The first step is realizing that we need to spend more time with other people and realizing that our boredom and lack of energy is due to the lack of social stimulation in our lives.

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