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The costs are imposed on Banco Santander

 The plaintiffs who disagreed with the ruling on costs. And represented the Arriaga Asociados law firm. Alleged in the appeal that the provisions of of the Civil Procedure. Law were violated and went against the principle of objective expiration. The actors rejected the exchange offer. Consisting of the dismissal of the governing claim in its entirety.  The costs are imposed as a subsidiary action has been considered. Interests lawyer at Arriaga Asociados.

The Provincial Court has upheld

Challenge formulated the affected couple and rejected the Bank’s appeal. In this way the resolution issued in the first instance is confirmed. Except for its ruling on costs which is imposed. On the banking entity. The Chamber has recalled that the law is clear whennew ruling be issued. That would completely dismiss the claim. The costs are imposed  in relation to costs it. Adopts Whatsapp Number List the expiration date as a general criterion.  The outcome of the litigation. This corresponds to a double reason.

On the one hand it is a deterrent

Economic burden prevents the filing of lawsuits. The plaintiff also appealed the first. Instance ruling as he did not agree with the ruling on costs.Expenses suffered those who are right on their side. Ruling against Santander for preferred shares, has Banco Mail stated that at. Arriaga Asociados we are extremely.  We feel. Very honored that they have trusted our services and we are. Committed to continuing to offer the best legal advice to consumers.

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