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Maybe you’ve had a positive experience with a chatbot, or a more negative one, maybe you ignore them completely. But if you own a company, you shouldn’t ignore them, as chatbots are becoming more and more effective marketing tools. Sources report that 1.4 billion people interacte with a chatbot in 2015. Such figures are not surprising, as more and more companies are adopting these artificial intelligences to interact with their customers and improve their brand. What is a chatbot and why do you nee it? A chatbot is a computer program that imitates an intelligent conversation with humans, mainly by typing or using a robotic voice.

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The goal is that people do not have to search through your website for answers to their questions, but get answers to their questions from a chatbot, which shows people that your company cares about its customers. According to a leading analyst, it was one of the hottest trends in artificial intelligence in 2017, and an even bigger rise can be expecte in the Latest Mailing Database marketing world of 2018 . He says the following: ” Chat robots have existe for quite a long time — at least since ELIZA , which was one of the primitive artificial intelligences that trie to psychoanalyze people and was create already in the sixties. But just in recent years, thanks to the development of technology, we have starteto see applications that make people interact with robots as if they were talking to another person.

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Chat bots are usually designe to answer simple questions that include, for example, basic information about products, weather reports or information Banco Mail about your company. In some cases, chatbots can be combine with real people to answer. But the wonderful thing about chatbots is that they get smarter over time. conversations to become more effective each time.

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