Riding The Ecommerce Wave In Southeast Asia Feat

Ken Leaver started consulting with 7 years at BCG, then moved into the commercial world (CEO of the Ukraine Group, ran a $50 million edition product business on visas). Previously served as SVP Product at Lazada, Director of Product at Wayfair, and Head of Product at Pomelo Fashion.

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He Is Also A Serial Entrepreneur And Now Spends

Time at his startups (therapada.com, an online therapy marketplace) and consulting with various (mostly eCommerce businesses) in database the region on product management and operations technology. In the last 5 years, he has helped Ozon, Yandex, BRANDED, Shipper, Wasoko, Delami, Rainforest. Always at CEO/CPO/CTO level, usually driving own projects.

Ken is most well-known for his incredible system and organizational discipline which he calls “seal tactics” and has been a great helper/mentor.

Ken’s Journey to Southeast Asia and Why He Choose to Survive


Compared to US and Europe, how does Southeast Asia’s e-commerce business landscape look [05:15]
The complexity of finding product differentiation from the supply chain in the KLHS area [11:23]
Creating product differentiation [12:29]
Not just a random way but an BANCO Mail analytical process of decision making about product differentiation [14:10]
Achieve product market fit [15:00]
The most that a start-up can do when it wants to penetrate Southeast Asian e-commerce [ 18:37]
A look at the landscape of Southeast Asian e-commerce in the next five years [19:59]
The two competencies where you look at the Southeast Asia region are fast scaling [22:32]
Ways of creating a business and growing it that not everyone agrees on.

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