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Get required information and study feasibility | Banco Mail

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Get required information and study feasibility

From the early stages, we will assign an account manager to maintain regular contact with you throughout. The duration of your website design project. The nominated person will arrange a consultation (in person or over the phone) to discuss your requirements and identify the main goals for your website. Once we understand your primary goals, we will determine the web design package that best suits your requirements. The designated person will provide you with a website construction plan to help you solve the necessary requirements for the website. Custom web packages will follow a more rigorous process to ensure your specific requirements are well expressed in writing before the programming team begins the website design work.

Interface design

The website interface design stage is a creative Job Function Email List process to transform your business image into a quality website. Therefore, helping to promote your business through the website in the most professional way. The website construction project completed in phase 1 will help interface designers clearly understand the technical and creative requirements that the website requires. On that basis, our interface designers will prepare a concept mockup, illustrating the shape and structure of your website. This sample website interface will be sent to you for comments. Based on your feedback, our interface designers will edit the interface (if required) before final acceptance of the interface.

Job Function Email List

Database building and Web programming

The web programming phase includes converting the interface France Phone Number List into a working website form. Programmers will work directly with interface designers to ensure that the actual website accurately reflects the final interface. Once the basic framework of the website is established. Therefore, the programming department will begin integrating the “CMS Website Content Management” suite with the selected functions for the website. In parallel with the web programming phase, we will register your domain name and configure your email accounts.

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