Islamic finance should be socially responsible. All actions that Allah has created and all the benefits derived from them are defined as “Halal”. Therefore, this rule leads to the prohibition of a large number of activities in which Muslims cannot invest. Therefore, gambling, activities related to alcohol, pig farming or even weapons, the film industry that causes or offers debauchery, and activities related to pornography, in particular, are areas of investment prohibited by Islam. Islamic Finance Islamic finance in times of crisis.

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Requirements of Islamic Finance Islamic finance is often referred to as “participatory finance”. On the basis of participation contracts, he created a system based on the division of losses and profits . This system requires that when the contract is phone number list signed, each participation must be determined in advance according to the share, not according to future profits. In other words, when an investor provides funds to an entrepreneur, they are contractually expected to share in the profits. Therefore, depending on the performance of.

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The investment, they both have to share any losses. Only established evidence of any negligence or serious fault on the part of the entrepreneur relieves the investor of this obligation.Personal marketing on LinkedIn is based on your relationships with your contacts and your contributions to various aspects of the social network. Since these actions take BANCO Mail time to mature, nothing happens overnight. Create a Networking Routine on LinkedIn Just as you organize your daily tasks and still find time to visit Facebook, when creating a good networking strategy on LinkedIn, you must also create a routine so your results come faster. to update your LinkedIn profile, check your inbox and the forums you participate in for activity.  on Facebook to maintain your profile or business page, you won’t be affected too much.  about who you connect with, it’s how much you get discovered. Therefore, it is highly recommended.