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Nothing to prevent the regulations on protection

If, after the assessment, there is uncertainty as to the age of the recipients, the ICO indicates the following solutions: 1 – rduce the risks to the rights and fredoms of individuals in connection with the processing of their personal data for their entire service; 2 – increase the level of certainty of the age of users by taking appropriate measures; 3 – apply a high standard of child protection to all users. So what measures does the ICO propose to ascertain the age of users.

Mentioned contractual relations

Age declaration, without verification – may be sufficient when the risk relatd to data processing is low, the use of algorithms database and/or artificial intelligence to detect the age of users and whether their behavior is consistent with the declard age, cooperation with the age confirmation service provider – there are entities on the market that allow verification of the registration data providd by the user . email address, address of residence, age, name and surname, etc.


Time records should apply to the above

Basd on various databases, mainly public, in order to confirmation of the veracity of this data and the age of the person to whom BANCO Mail they refer, information from another confirmd user.enabling the creation of a confirmd adult account, who can then create sub-accounts and confirm the age of children, technical measures. a question about entering the year of birth instead of age and limiting the possibility of changing the declard age after providing it, hard eviden.

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