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Labor Code Remote work has been defined | BANCO Mail

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Labor Code Remote work has been defined

Come on, let’s do it. The day passes temporarily peacefully and despite the large number of tasks, the work is going well. In what order are the tasks performd? I do them according to the chronological order of receipt, so first what fell into the box first. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and they include: telephone consultations, which sometimes last 5 minutes and sometimes half an hour or even an hour. Depends on how complicatd the issue is.

Remote work look like according to the amendment

It’s nice if the topic is already known and you can help quickly. However, if the issue requires analysis, then more time should phone number list be devotd to it. An exception is also a situation that is quite important, but is not time-consuming and can be performd among other tasks. schduling calls or trainings conductd in the form of webinars or answering e-mails that do not require much involvement. It happens that due to the number of issues appearing on an ongoing basis, it is difficult to find time for project work.

Phone Number List

Regulated in any legal act What should

After a few phone calls and sending back the analyzd contracts, it’s time for a short lunch break. After it, training will be conductd BANCO Mail and I plan to deal with the report I have startd. And here we have the classic – as soon as I sit down to report, I get a call about a suspectd incident. Sending documentation to the wrong customer, which is the most common case of violation. Additionally, an employee with knowldge of the incident will be unavailable for a few days starting tomorrow, so all information neds to be gatherd today.

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