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Join the groups of developers and Entrepreneurs

You can let your app get better visibility, by joining groups and communities on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can enhance the visibility of your brand and can get direct feedback from such developers or businesses. In return, offer them something of value like free promo codes to try. Discuss the features, bug issues, any future updates and ask for their valuable opinion. You can easily maintain great relationships this way which can be used to promote each other’s apps without spending a dime.

Go for awesome app screenshots

Don’t take just screenshots, take great WhatsApp Number List screenshots of your app and then drop them in the app store. Poor screenshots cannot engage the users or tell them what you are trying to show. Add catchy captions and more visual elements to your screenshots so that the users can easily and fully understand the features that your app will offer. In addition to the fact that twitter is free, this medium of advertising can give you an immediate association with the individuals in your industry vertical who matter.

Try alternative app stores as well

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We agree that there are just two players Banco Mail Google Play Store and App Store. But don’t just rely on them and consider the alternative app stores as well. When the time comes to upload your app. There are some good app stores apart from the major ones like AppBrain, Slide Me, etc. On the off chance that you are pursuing a contact who runs an app review site. Remember that those individuals in general, often get so many messages every single day from other application. Engineers, so the best idea is to send a short and straightforward individual tweet, which can be an extraordinary means to get noticed in an instant.

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