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How to update mobile number in pan database

Updating your mobile number in the pan (permanent account number) database. Is important because it is used as a means of communication by the income tax department in case of any updates. Queries, or for sending important documents related to your pan card. Here are the steps to update your mobile number in the pan database: step 1: visit the nod website the first. Step is to visit the nod (national securities depository limited) website. At this is the official website for pan-related services.

Fill out the form Once you are on the NSDL website

You will need to fill out the PAN card update form. In the ‘Application Type’ section, select ‘Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN Data)’. Step 3: Enter PAN details Next, you will be asked to enter your PAN details. You will need to provide your PAN number, your name (as per PAN), your date Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List of birth, and your registered email ID.

Step 4: enter contact details in the ‘contact details’ section. You will need to enter your new mobile number that you want. To update in the pan database. You will also need to provide your current address. Step 5: submit the form once you have filled. Out all the required details. Click on the ‘submit’ button to submit the form. Step 6: pay the fees after submitting the form.

He fees are usually  inclusive of taxes Complete

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The authentication process after the payment is successful. You will need to complete the authentication process. You will be given two options – Aadhaar-based authentication. Or non-Aadhaar based authentication. If you choose Aadhaar-based authentication. You will need to enter your Aadhaar number and your biometric. Data will be verified. If you choose non-Aadhaar based authentication. You will need to send a copy of your identity Banco Mail proof You can check the status of your request on the NSDL website. In conclusion, updating your mobile number in the PAN database is a simple and straightforward process.

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