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Rays tests the patient’s previous examinations. The patient’s attachments of x ray images.  The treatment the patient receiv its results and recommendations. The program provides a mobile application for patients on. Android and iPhone devices that helps patients view their entire mical file data statements reservations clinic.  Referrals diagnosis and doctors’ comments x rays and tests and many other.  Features and services available to the patient through the phone application.

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The hospital and mical center management program. Mi Master and how it can help you not only in managing. The reception department and Philippines Telegram Data managing patient mber or address and review him during each visit. You can learn more about patient affairs through this link Patient affairs management Clinic secretariat The program helps the reception or secretarial department organize the doctor’s reservation appointments and determine the reservation time date and examination times.

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Department through this link Secretarial Department the doctor. The doctor program organizes examination appointments for patients and Croatia Phone Number List helps the doctor follow up on the cases he is responsible for and examination dates. The doctor’s list is consider one of the most important lists because it helps him know the details of the clinic and manage it better. You ng link to learn more about Easy Clinic clinic management software and how it helps you develop your mical institution and make it an integrat digital mical system! Communicate with sa successfully runniement.

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