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Digital Marketingncrease of +54% expected in 2021

The report shows that Italian companies are increasingly investing in digital marketing with excellent results. Here are the data and trends destined to grow Published March 19, 2021 Alt text The pandemic has revolutionized all fields of society, and digital marketing is also the protagonist of a huge change. The Mapp company carried out a survey in this regard, discovering that approximately 65% ​​of Italian companies in 2020 focused on new technologies and innovation, also and above all to react to the health and economic crisis.

Digital Marketing Trends: e-commerce, data and personalization

Companies, therefore, will continue to America Cell Phone Number List invest in new technologies and specifically in data collection and management and in e-commerce . In Italy, 4 out of 5 entrepreneurs recorded an increase in online sales in 2020 . Furthermore, investment in customer management solutions , such as Customer Data Platforms , will increase . Thanks to these solutions, the relationship with the customer goes to a higher level: it is possible to automatically collect everything relating to that person (so, for example, their most common purchases or favorite products) and use it as an opportunity to build loyalty .

Data represents a treasure,

who will feel involved and will be increasingly loyal to the company. Personalization is in fact another trend that in the future will become crucial for the success of a business. 25 % of the sample already manages to do so, while 30% plan to introduce personalization in the next year. All these trends have enormous growth potential. In the future, companies that are able to welcome them and exploit them fully Banco Mail  will grow more and constantly, becoming models of competitiveness . This is why it is essential to build up-to-date digital marketing strategies and start building your online presence straight away : from the development of the company website, to the construction of the SEO strategy , up to the launch and management of social pages.

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