According to the list of financiers

Announc on the Egyptian Tax Authority’s website to issue electronic tax invoices for. The goods they sell Through the Easy. Store accounting program you can do the annual inventory. With ease through some screens within the program. Let’s get to know those screens now Store inventory with barcode You can inventory. The stores using barcodes and thus they are automatically register in.  The program with the requir quantities Warehouse management and the most important warehouse inventory reports Adjustment of item quantities.

After conducting the inventory

Adjust the quantities of items in the warehouse according to the actual. Quantity and the quantities of shortages and excesses in the stores Oman Telegram Data Adjustment of item quantities The most important warehouse reports in the Easy Store warehouse management program Types of warehouse reports Item list report Item list report List of items with all prices List of items with all prices Inventory of items Item inventory report Export inventory of items in warehouses.

Telegram Data

Export inventory of items

Warehouses Inventory item in warehouses Item inventory report in warehouses Inventory of the company’s stores Inventory of the company’s Australia Phone Number List stores Settl and non settl items Settl and non settl items Shortcomings perishing raw materials Shortcomings perishing raw materials Raw materials And some very important reports in the Easy Store account management program Maximum reports Items under delivery Invoices under delivery Transfers between stores Comprehensive class movement Movement type Item balances are negative Inventory by type totals.

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