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The ideal themes for a party on an integration trip are: Hawaii – an exotic-style party with a wealth of colorful tropical flowers and a traditional hula dance, Wild West – event with cowboy hats and Indian plumes, the 80s – colorful madness in the disco rhythm, Hollywood – a sumptuous event with a re carpet, flashlights and elegant outfits, Las Vegas – casino party . Each element of the integration event should match the leitmotif – starting from decorations, costumes and menu, ending with music and integration games and activities.

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Camping as an interesting way to organize an integration trip Hotels are definitely the place of accommodation during integration whatsapp mobile number list trips. They are very comfortable resorts. Conversion funnel – how to build it in your industry? December 16, 2020 Community blog Conversion Funnel: This term is a hit with industry seminars and webinars. When you are not yet sure what exactly it is about, it may seem like a made-up, unimportant concept. Meanwhile, the conversion funnel governs the behavior of your customers – if you plan it consciously. Conversion funnel – what is it? How to build a conversion funnel? When to use a conversion funnel.

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Conversion funnel – how to measure? 1 percent conversion – is it a lot or a little? In the US, the conversion funnel is only use in 32% of cases. companies . It is estimate that in Poland this indicator may be even lower. On the other hand, in some BANCO Mail industries the rate reaches 100 percent… 96 percent of website visitors are not ready to buy anything. It is for them that it is worth having a sales funnel that will gently guide them through the various stages of brand awareness. Starting from a casual peek at blog posts, through signing up for mailing , to the irresistible desire to make a purchase. The effectiveness of the conversion funnel also depends on the meium you use.

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