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A long-tail keyword is keyword

This is how you save the most time and, as a result, money. Remember! When you put together a list of keywords, focus on the so-calle for long-tail keywords. If you do not know what a long-tail keyword is , here is an example for you. If your business deals, for example, with the sale of car tires, you choose “winter tire” as one of your keywords. relate to the main keyword (winter tire) that is entere into the search engine less times. For example, “best winter tire”, “cheap winter tires” and “winter tire sale” are the so-calle “winter tires” keyword. long-tail keywords. It would be great if you could get dozens, if not more (depending on the size of your industry, of course) of thread.

That way you can write content

Tail keywords. In this way, you can always simply choose a keyword from the list of keywords you have create before creating new content, around which phone number list you will write a post. It is interesting that the so-calle long keywords (yarn-tail keywords ) almost 80% of all Google web traffic. At this point, I would like to point out some very effective tricks on how to find thread-tail keywords. Use the Google Suggestions tool. It’s easy to use. Just type words relate to your field into Google search and Google itself will suggest other possible keywords that users of the search engine are looking for.

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Also relate words appear at the bottom of the search results page! Use synonyms! Open your list of keywords and write the corresponding synonyms Banco Mail behind the words. without repeating the same keyword too much! creation. Use Quora’s search engine to find out what people want to know about your industry. Use different paid and free keyword research tools! two very good free tools are UberSuggest and io. Here you can find a larger list of different keyword search tools.

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