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How to track call list of a mobile number

Did stands for “Do not disturb”, which is a service provided. By the telecom regulatory authority. Of India (trait) to help subscribers. Avoid unwanted. Telemarketing calls or messages. If you want to add your mobile number. To the did list, you can follow the steps below: step 1: send an SMS to add your mobile number. To the did list, you need to send an SMS from your mobile number to the number 1909. The SMS should be in the following format: start 0 after sending this SMS, you will receive a confirmation message from your service provider. That your number. Has been added to the did list. Step 2: call customer. Care if you do not receive a confirmation.

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Or if you face any issues with the process, you can call the customer care number of your service provider. The customer care executive will guide you through the process of adding your number to the DND list. Step 3: Use the Online Method You Finland Mobile Number List can also add your number to the DND list by using the online method. To do this, follow the steps below: Go to the trait website at www.Trai.Gov.In. Click. On the “Regulations” tab on the home page. Click on the “Telecom. Services” option. Click on the “Do not disturb” option. Click on the “Register” option.

Fill in the required details, including

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Your name, address, email address, and mobile number. Select the categories of telemarketing calls and messages that you want to block. Click on the “Submit” button. After submitting the online form, you will receive a confirmation message from TRAI that your number has been added to the DND list. It is important to note that once your number Banco Mail is added to the DND list.

You will no longer receive telemarketing. Calls or messages. From the categories that you have selected. However, you may still receive. Calls or messages from your service provider. Or other entities that are exempted. From the did regulations. In conclusion, adding your mobile. Number to the did list is a simple. Process that can help you avoid unwanted telemarketing. Calls or messages. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you, whether it is sending. An SMS, calling customer care, or using the online method.

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